Dr. Sarah Simons, AuD, CCC-A, F-AAA



Dr. Sarah Simons’ mission is to educate people on how hearing impacts not only communication, but also physical and mental health.  As a diagnostic and dispensing audiologist, she conducts comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aid consultations, and hearing aid fittings. She is committed to getting to know her patients on a personal level, so that together they may discover the patient’s hearing goals and develop a treatment plan to meet those goals.

Hearing is close to Dr. Simons’ heart as her father struggles with hearing loss.  She was able to see how hearing aids improved the quality of life for not only her father but her family as well.  Due to this, Dr. Simons was inspired to take her first audiology class in college and further pursue her audiology doctorate. As an audiologist, she enjoys using the latest technology to help people reconnect with the world.

Dr. Simons earned her doctor of audiology degree from the University of Texas at Austin.  She double majored in Biology and Speech and Hearing Sciences: Communication Disorders at the University of Washington.