Dr. Liane McGinnes-Hua, AuD, CCC-A



Liane McGinnes-Hua is a doctor of audiology, trained in both diagnostic and dispensing audiology. In her role as a dispensing audiologist at The Hearing Service Center by Kaiser Permanente, Dr. McGinnes-Hua assists patients to hear and live better by helping to select and fit hearing devices that best meet their needs.

It has often been said that hearing disorders distance people from others. Dr. McGinnes-Hua takes this to heart and makes it her mission to help people hear better so that they may reclaim relationships and connection with people. Although hearing loss affects people of all ages, it is predominantly a disorder of the elderly. Dr. McGinnes-Hua was very close to her own grandparents and delights in making life a little easier for her senior patients.

Dr. McGinnes-Hua’s strength is in her ability to relate to people. She knows that hearing loss affects each person differently and that the solutions to hearing problems are unique to each individual. In consultations with patients, she reviews their health, lifestyle, habits, environment, and budget, and makes recommendations that she feels will best suit their situation. Choices can be daunting for some patients since there are hundreds of hearing aid combinations and some patients may need to relearn listening skills if they had waited a long time to get hearing aids. Whatever the particular needs of the patient, Dr. McGinnes-Hua is a caring partner and guide.