About The Vision Center by Kaiser Permanente

Are the pre- and post-op examinations performed at Kaiser Permanente facilities?

Yes. Pre- and post-op examinations are conducted at Kaiser Permanente clinics.

Where is the LASIK surgery performed?

The surgery is performed by Kaiser Permanente ophthalmic surgeons at a Kaiser-affiliated state-of-the-art laser center in Honolulu and at the Pan-Pacific Laser Inc, located at Nauru Tower 1330 Ala Moana Boulevard, Suite 10, Honolulu HI 96814.

Do you have to be a Kaiser Permanente Health Plan member for vision correction services?

No. We welcome both Kaiser Permanente members and non-members for our services.

Does Kaiser Permanente offer a payment plan?

Kaiser Permanente does not provide payment plans. Full payment is expected prior to the procedure.

You can pay for refractive surgery with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). If you’d like to use your FSA for this procedure next year, you will need to sign up during your company’s annual enrollment period this year. Check with your benefits administration or human resources department about your company’s specific program.

How long before I get back to work or other activities?

Every patient is different, but most experience improved vision on the first post-operative day. For the surface laser procedures, PRK and LASEK, recovery takes several days. It is recommended to avoid activities that may expose the eye to water or accidentally bumping or rubbing for the first week after surgery. Most patients return to work a few days after surgery.

I live on a neighbor island. How long do I have to stay on Oahu after I have the surgery? Where will I go for my follow-up examinations?

We recommend that refractive surgery patients stay on Oahu overnight and have their post-operative examination the following day before flying home. Additional follow up examinations can be performed at one of the Kaiser Permanente neighbor island eye clinics.

Is there ever a need to have more than one LASIK procedure?

Most people see very well after their initial LASIK surgery, but for some patients, especially those with higher prescriptions, a second “enhancement” laser procedure can be performed to fine tune the vision. Your surgeon will discuss the benefits and risks of additional laser treatment.

What are premium cataract lenses?

Standard lenses are good for distance vision in patients without astigmatism.  In addition to standard cataract lenses, premium cataract lenses are available.  Premium cataract lenses (IOLs) can improve near and farsightedness. Some brands of premium IOLs are designed to reduce or eliminate astigmatism. Most patients will not need to wear glasses afterward, but this is not guaranteed in all cases.

Are premium cataract lenses covered by Kaiser Permanente Health Plan?

Standard cataract lenses are covered by health plan.  However, premium cataract lenses are an out-of-pocket expense, starting at $1,050 per lens. Full payment is expected prior to surgery.